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Grid Connecting Wind Turbine and Solar PV Systems

For all projects under 100kW in size, Saskatchewan residents have two options for grid connection. The first one is the Net Metering program. The second program is called the Small Power Producers Program.

The Net Metering Program – wind and solar systems

In 2013  SaskPower announced a new net metering rebate for Saskatchewan residents. This program offers 20% of all eligible costs (not including taxes) for projects that generate 100KW or less.  The program applied for wind, low-impact hydro, biomass, heat reclaim, flare gas or photo voltaic (solar) generators of energy. The application deadline for this grant is November 30th, 2014.  Contact our sales staff for more information.

The Small Power Producers Program – wind and solar systems

In existence since 2002 in Saskatchewan the Small Power Producers program is most often the first program that people have heard of. This program allows you to interconnect your wind turbine or solar PV electricity generation systems to SaskPower’s grid and get paid for the power you produce.

The SPP does not offer any government (provincial or federal) grants.

Please find the differences between these two main programs outlined in this SaskPower document. We have customers in both of these programs and would be more than happy to explain the differences to you. Contact us!

Federal Incentives – The Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance (for businesses)

Class 43.2 provides for an accelerated Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) rate of 50% on a declining balance basis for certain property that would otherwise qualify for inclusion in Class 43.1. This rate is subject to the “available for use”, “half year” and “specified energy property” rules. All Wind, Solar and Geo Thermal projects for businesses qualify for 50% ACC.

For more information please access the following link:

Geothermal Grants

EcoENERGY Retrofit Program

This program originating from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has been CANCELLED as of March 31st, 2010. This was the program that offered incentives to make changes to your existing home such as updating windows, installing geothermal systems, adding a solar thermal hot water collector or changing/ updating your insulation.

In this program’s place the government of Saskatchewan has implemented the Saskatchewan EnerGuide for Houses Retrofit Grant program.

This program allows for the provincial side of the previous programs rebates. You will find more information on the specifics by clicking here:

OR by contacting your local Solar Outpost representative! We are more than happy to guide you through any and all applicable government grants.

Energy Efficient Rebate for New Homes

Saskatchewan Government announced a new program to extend the provincial incentives for geothermal systems to new home owners offering a $3,500 grant (on top of the $1,000 for having a energy efficient home). Similar requirements apply for this grant as for the retrofit grants. Natural Gas hook up must not be available on the site for under $9,000 (you must request a quote from SaskEnergy). One of the main components of becoming eligible for these energy efficient rebates for new homes is that your new home must be ENERGY STAR R-2000 certified or EnerGuide for New Homes rated of 80 or above.

To get the full run down on how the system works, the grants available and how you can move forward please contact us and visit the site below:

Solar Thermal Grants

Saskatchewan Energuide for house Retrofit program

Residential solar hot water heating grants are currently available under the Saskatchewan Energuide for houses retrofit program. This grant has the provincial government offering a grant of $1000.00.

For more information please visit the following websites:

The following companies provide the inspection services for this grant:

Sun Ridge Group AmeriSpec Energy Wise Solutions
Regina, Saskatoon & all communities

Toll Free: 1-800-667-3700

Book OnlineRegina & south of Davidson
Phone: (306) 565-1703
Saskatoon & north of Davidson
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The Battlefords & Lloydminster
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Prince Albert & northeast Saskatchewan
Phone: (306) 862-2797Regina, Saskatoon & surrounding communities

Phone:  1-877-787-4328

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Commercial and Industrial solar hot water heating grants are also
currently available. Both federal and provincial governments provide 50% grant to help cover the purchase and installation of solar water heating systems, with a max. of $400,000.

Note: Residential building larger than two-story is covered under this program. For more information or access to application forms please use the links below:


Member municipalities of SUMA can take advantage of a program which offers 8% rebate on installation and cost of solar collectors used to heat swimming pools (between 10 and 14 systems can qualify per year). SUMA Member Services can provide product and installation expertise for municipalities who wish to participate in this program.

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